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Sybil Ludington:

The Female Paul Revere

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The first production by KICKS Flicks is based on the true story of 16 year old Sybil Ludington, who rode 40 miles to gather her father's militia during the Revolutionary War.


Sybil Ludington Website


Every Generation Needs a Revolution

Coming 2014


The second feature film by KICKS Flicks is the prodigal son story of Isaiah as told by Penny who along with her best friends, Nattie, Emmie, and Jess spend their summer working at a Creative Arts Center.


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The Light of Freedom

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It is the year 1861 and President Lincoln has called for 75,000 men to join the Union Army. As the Civil War begins, another battle has been raging for decades. It is the fight for freedom waged by the Underground Railroad.


The Light of Freedom Website

Upcoming Auditions:


We continue to hold auditions for our next feature film, "Wings of the Wind". Auditions will be taking place in the Northern Columbus, Ohio area. We will be auditioning for both primary roles and for the parts of day actors/extras. If you are interested in auditioning, please fill out our AUDITION FORM and a member of our production team will contact you.

What is KICKS Flicks?

KICKS Flicks is the media production outreach of KICKS Ministries. KICKS Ministries produces not only feature films, but also the Christian television programs for children and families "KICKS Club", "KidWise", and our newest upcoming sitcom, "Camp NEW".


We produce feature films and family programing that entertain, teach godly principles, and inspire. Our full length feature films are not only inspirational but also educational. Finding family entertainment today that does not indirectly or even directly contain elements, whether behavioral or philosophical, that are opposite of a Christian faith, is getting more and more difficult. KICKS Flicks wants to be there for Christian families as we produce quality movies and other media with a Christian worldview. Our purpose and vision is to bring quality entertainment that not only inspires the family as a whole, but also educates and upholds the Christian values we as Christians embrace.

Upcoming Projects

"Wings of the Wind"

We are currently in pre-production of our next full length faith based film, "Wings of the Wind". This film is based during the 1940's and carries an inspirational story for the whole family that focuses on the time period just after WWII.


"Camp New"

We are currently in post-production of our newest television show titled, "Camp NEW". This show features a Goldendoodle named Judah and a group of youth interested in creative arts, dance, and simply having fun. This sitcom features Penny and Judah from the movie, "NEW".

KICKS Flicks is a ministry outreach of KICKS Ministries & Victory Harvest Church (a 501c3 church) in Sunbury, Ohio

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